Friday, October 11, 2013

Dreams of Stalactites and Sleep

 Fatherhood has arrived.  It was an overwhelming experience after two nights of no sleep waiting for Isabella to start coming out on her own.  Standing in the operating room cutting the cord that connected my daughter to my wife, looking back and seeing the surgeons surrounding my wife as they pull the large bloody placenta out of her abdomen.  Perhaps one of the more intense moments in my life.

Isabella Adeline Grundon was born by Norma Torres Grundon on September 26th at 9:17 am. It was a long road to that moment.  More for Norma then me I'm sure.  She was ten days late and stubborn to come out.  Without going into too many medical details we entered the hospital basically at night on the 24th and after lots of pushing, waiting, and complications received little Isabella via C-Section on that snowy September morning in Mammoth Lakes, California.
Not my normal fall in Yosemite this year.  Due to one of the largest fires in California ever raging Yosemite I was forced to, hike 9 miles to work, hitch hike 6 hours around the fire, and ultimately take some time off, as leaving a 9 month pregnant wife alone with no car while I'm six hours away seems irresponsible.  While waiting for Isabella I was able to bolts some fun granite climbs in the Mammoth area at the Stream Wall.  Scott Borden was visiting before is  Bon Voyage to England and helped bolt a fun 5.11 that needed a lot of scrubbing.

Little Isabella sleeping her first day cragging
 So the baby is born and all is back to normal.  I go back to work the day we get out of the hospital and I am excited to be guiding again.  The next day the government shuts down and I am out of work again.  So here we are blogging on the internet getting excited for a winter season in Mexico of Fatherhood and Stalactite.
The Family
Borden Crushing baby granite tufas in the snow

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