Sunday, November 9, 2014

What is this El Potrero Chico Place?

Mexico makes a great destination for your winter getaway.  There are beautiful beach villages with uncrowded swell for surfing, big resort towns where you won't even know your in Mexico.  El Potrero Chico lies in between these two experiences except in the mountains.  You have the comfort of the climbing resort mostly occupied by Americans speaking English, but then you step out the gates or walk down to town and you are surrounded by the life of small town Mexico where the vast majority of residents don't speak any English.  For Americans looking for a rock climbing vacation in Mexico El Potrero Chico is your spot.

With hundreds of routes from 5.6-5.14 and routes as long as 2,000 feet there is something for everyone to climb.  It is often a popular destination for climbers looking to learn multi-pitch techniques.  With nearly every route being bolt protected it makes for a simpler way to work in to multi-pitch climbing.  The style of climbing is mostly pocketed face climbing which comes very natural to most climbers.

Why is El Potrero Chico so popular with American climbers?  It is one the few places in North America where you can rock climb comfortably in the winter.  The temperatures are normally warm enough that it is more comfortable to climb in the shade.  If not many of the routes are in the sun.  The tempuratures, route concentration, it's easy to arrive in El Potrero Chico, and the easy logistics upon arrival all make it a popular climbing area.  When you fly into Monterrey a major airport for the third largest city in Mexico you can get picked up by your climbing guide and dropped off at La Posada the climbers resort where you can camp or rent a room.  Their information is below: 

If you are looking for more house options Magic Ed local climbing developer has many options listed here:

On rest days from your climbing there are many great activities to do.  Plan your rest days on Tuesday or Friday to visit the local street market in town.  You can also take a trip to the famous underground hot springs of San Juaquin.  For more info:
San Juaquin Hot Springs

So if you are thinking about coming down to El Potrero Chico for the winter and are looking for a guide feel free to contact us at El Potrero Guides: