Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Driving to Potrero through Baja

We decided to drive to Potrero through Baja and take the ferry over to Mazatlan.  This was a great choice.  Driving through Texas is never very fun, and even the US side of the border feels a little sketchy taking interstate 10 which follows the US Mexican border for a long way.  But besides just being a nicer drive this was a trip I had always wanted to make, and there is incredible surfing the way down.

Here I finally get to relax in Mexico with a coco by the beach after the craziness of Tijuana.

 We visited Orlando in Ensenada.  I had some of the best uncrowded surfing ever while here.  I want to come back for a surfing climbing combination trip, as Orlando told us there is some good climbing near by and Ensenada is the closest large town to El Trono Blanco.
 Here is a beautiful sunset seen from Orlando's house

 Norma me and Orlando

 Trying to surf at Punta San Carlos, but there was no swell yet so we head south.

 But we did get to see the biggest cactus's ever!
 Arriving in Monterrey and gathering "stuff" for our house.
 The portaledge made a great temporary. Guest bed and couch.
 Norma's family visiting the Hidalgo house.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

El Chonta

I recently returned from a climbing trip from El Chonta. El Chonta is a new climbing area in a beautiful cave near Mexico City. It was an amazing trip. Both the climbing and all the culture we experienced were incredible. The climbing is on the land of a large ranching family. They are incredibly helpful for unprepared campers such as us. Their kids help carry camping and climbing gear on their burros. It is about an hour hike to the cave from their ranch.

Below is the back of the beautiful cathedral in Taxco, which is the closest large town to El Chonta


A climber from Mexico City on the right side of the cave.

Norma on the 5.11b warm up. The route overhangs about 30 feet but has the biggest holds imaginable.

Here is a sweet video from the recent Petzl Roc Trip to Chonta

Petzl Roctrip Mexico 2010 - El Chonta Rodeo from Petzl-sport on Vimeo.

Visit El Potrero Chico Guides For More Information About Climbing In Mexico