Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cuevo del Oso (The Bear Cave) A New Climbing Area Near Monterrey

 Oso Cuevo:

A New Climbing Area Near Montemorelos

We are working on a new climbing area one hour from Monterrey just outside of the town of Montemorelos.  So far there is one route in the cave with a 7 bolt 11d, and an extension with 7 more bolts that has not been climbed.
Bolting the extension of La Gripa
There are lots of other potential routes here.  Including steep juggy 5.10 routes which is something the climbing in the Monterrey area is lacking many of.  I think this will be a popular destination when it is finished as it is North facing and the hike to the crag is not too hot so you are in the shade of the forest on the way up.  The forested location also makes it a great location, and there is a beautiful river by the road to enjoy after climbing.

Beto Norma's Dad with Machete in hand
 I have gone to the cave twice now, and I am excited to get back as soon as possible.  There are so many beautiful unique looking route possibilities, it is exciting to be bolting there.
Me Norma, and Norma's Parents in the Cave
The unexplored cave that is closer but potentially harder to get to

Bolting the first half of La Gripa
Dani Climbing first half of La Gripa

How to Find the road.  The Rt hand turn off the highway has a sign for  La Boca also

The trail to the cave more or less

How to find the trail

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  1. I would love to check this place out this fall/winter and do some bolting. This cave looks incredible. How safe is the location/camping etc?